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Breakin’ Traditions

Event Information

In the lead up to Coogee Live 2020, the festival is connecting 2 school groups with local group Breakin’ Traditions for a course of in-school breakdance lessons encouraging commitment and self confidence.

This then culminates with a final performance being showcased at Coogee Live which will feature both the school teams and Breakin’ Traditions crew members. With the aim of promoting tolerance, understanding and a positive team environment, the project provides an interactive and supportive mentor program for Cockburn youth that facilitates physical activity and mental health through creative practice.

Breakin’ Traditions is a Cockburn based dance studio, founded in 2017 by Irish-born Brendan BBOY “Beast” Burns. Over the years, the Breakin’ Traditions curriculum has evolved towards travelling Perth and regional WA, connecting our communities through the powerful street artform of breakdance. The format is based around the fundamentals of teaching the artform with safety, passion and respect.

Each bboy/bgirl has a different path to walk – each with a different pace, and on their own unique JOURNEY. The path they have chosen for themselves is not an easy path, but they can choose how they travel. The intended destination is self confidence – in their own physical mastery of the body’s movement, and of creativity and rhythms. Self confidence in their ability to self-discipline and to create.

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