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Coogee Takes Flight



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A community arts project led by local Cockburn artist Melanie Gray of 22 Folds – which sees community members fold an origami crane and write their wish or fear on the wing. The individual cranes then all come together to create a giant installation where we will see them ‘take flight’. Each participant will be reminded that they are worthy of their wings, and collectively and symbolically become part of our community journey.

There will also be a booth located at the installation, where anyone who missed the project can colour in, fold and add their crane to the installation, with the help of a few of Melanie’s team to guide them.

Melanie Gray is a self taught Origami Artist specialising in origami cranes. She has been folding origami for more than 30 years. Her talent has seen her work in many industries over the years. Through her personal story, Mel understands the importance of being able to always reflect, reset and restart. Melanie art collection of origami cranes are daily reminders of movement to live the life you want.


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