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Creating Compost with Ecoburbia



12noon - 12.45pm





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Have you ever made good compost? Compost that is beautiful, smells great, feels wonderful and does incredible things to your garden? Shani is addicted to compost, and has been making great compost for years. She has developed a fail proof “recipe” and is keen to share it with you. All materials supplied.

Shani Graham and her partner Tim (Perth’s most well-known “Sustainability Gurus”) from Ecoburbia, a business aimed at giving people the sustainable skills they need to look forward to the future with hope in our unsustainable world. Their work ranges from presenting workshops on good solar house design at local councils, to inspiring corporate executives to introduce a worm farm to the office kitchen. They are aware that developing community is essential to this work, and so make sure there is lots of interaction, fun and play in whatever they are doing.

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