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Djinda Kaatijin

Event Information

Written by Andrea Fernandez And Zac James. Directed by Ian Wilkes

Djinda Kaatijin (to understand stars) is a collection of Dreaming stories from various countries around the world by the acclaimed Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company.

Through a mix of traditional Noongar dreaming stories and contemporary Indigenous storytelling, Djinda Kaatijin explores the importance of the stars and how they are culturally important to us all.

Join Weitj (Emu), Dwert (Dingo) and Wardong (Crow) as they take us on a journey through the milky way to learn about the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) while interweaving star stories from around Australia and the world, including stories from India, Spain and Scotland as well as Noongar Boodjar. After all, it’s all our stars. It’s all our dreaming.

Appearing twice daily across both the LiveLighter Community & Omeo Hubs:

Sat 7 March: 1pm – 1.40pm @ LiveLighter Community Stage

Sat 7 March: 3pm – 3.40pm @ LiveLighter Omeo Stage

Sun 8 March: 12.45pm – 1.25pm @ LiveLighter Community Stage (DADAA)

Sun 8 March: 2.45pm – 3.25pm @ LiveLighter Omeo Stage

PLEASE NOTE: The Sunday 8 March performance at 12.45pm on the LiveLighter Community Stage will also come with an Audio Description service through DADAA – promoting cultural participation for people who are blind and vision-impaired.

Yirra Yaakin (Yir-raarh Yaarh-kin] which means “Stand Tall” in Noongar language, is one of Australia’s leading Aboriginal performing arts organisations producing award-winning, world-class theatre that is exciting, entertaining, educational, authentic and culturally appropriate.

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