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Forensic Science: The Role Of Fingerprint & Footwear Evidence In Solving Crimes.



Sat: 10.00 to 15.00 // Sun: 11.00am to 15.00pm





Event Information

Ever been a fan of CSI (#teamhoratio)? Come explore the role of fingerprint and footwear evidence in solving crimes first hand with one of the leaders in the field, Assoc. Prof. James Speers!



Prior to his role at Murdoch University, Assoc. Prof. James Speers was a Principal Forensic Advisor responsible for providing scientific and strategic advice in the forensic investigation of over 500 serious offences (mainly terrorist offences, murders and ‘Cold’ case reviews) for the Police Service Northern Ireland and the Criminal Justice System.

He later developed forensic services (both scienentic and medical) for the United Nations and the European Union in the Poland, Turkey, Jordan, Palestine and recently Kosovo. His specialties cover most forensic disciplines but is noted for the development of methods for the detection of trace explosive and firearm residues and as a forensic biologist with expertise in blood pattern analysis, sexual offences and sexually motivated murders.

In 2014, Assoc. Prof. James Speers developed the Master of Forensic Science: Professional Practice course at Murdoch University. The course provides students with the skills and knowledge to gain employment in forensic agencies and the State/ Federal police. They are making a significant contribution to enhancing justice and the Rule of Law in Australia.