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Keeping The Peace At Home & School



15.30 to 16.30





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Nobody likes to deal with conflict at home with their family or at schools with friends or other parents. But it is a fact of life and having ongoing conflict in your life impacts your mental health and happiness.

Join Lisanne Iriks for a fun and light hearted workshop and learn new skills to be able to resolve conflict more effectively in your life and walk away with some simple negotiation tips that you can use to get better outcomes for you and the people around you.

  • Learn about how perception works, there are always many sides to a story and how to use perception as a conflict resolution tool
  • Learn how to listen to others and how to use listening as a conflict resolution tool.
  • Learn 5 negotiation tips to make you more effective at negotiating great outcomes with the people in your life and your communities.


Keeping The Peace At Home & School is made possible through a Local Collaboration between Life Mediation and Coogee Live 2021 and we just want to say a big THANKS!

Places for this workshop are free but strictly limited so make sure you book your seat from 10am, Saturday 20 Feb


About Lisanne Iriks – Life Mediation

Lisanne Iriks an award-winning mediator who specialises in family and workplace mediation. Passionate about being a mediator, Lisanne loves training people in conflict resolution and negotiation skills, helping to reduce suffering in her client’s people’s lives.

“There is a lot of unnecessary suffering when it comes to conflict resolution and my mission is to reduce that; why suffer when you can learn the skills to negotiate  and resolve conflict in any situation so that all parties come out on top? I am passionate about empowering people to achieve results they never thought were possible”

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