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Odin Malchik



1pm – 1.45pm



Event Information

Boasting a rapidly growing catalogue of bedroom-recorded, psychedelic pop, Odin Malchik (Ryan Johnson) deliver an immersive and energetic live performance. The name which translates to ‘One Boy’ from Nadsat (the language used in Anthony Burgess’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’), only seemed appropriate for a solo project that pushes the boundaries of its classic influences.

Combining a throwback, brit-pop inspired musicality with elements of modern Australian indie rock, Odin Malchik have a unique and exciting sound. Centred around catchy hooks. The songs translate perfectly to the stage with audiences quickly dancing and singing along.

While the tracks are composed as a solo endeavour they are replicated live as a five-piece outfit. Despite only starting in early 2018, Odin Malchik have already performed at many venues across Perth. It has been a very busy year but with release of a debut album in early 2019 very big things are to be expected.