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Pirate Adventures with Captain Boots



10.30am - 11am | 2pm - 2.30pm




Event Information

Captain Boots leads an imaginary choose-your-own-adventure roleplay where kids get to become pirates and direct the course of the story while practicing decision-making and cooperation skills.

Jesse (Captain Boots) is a qualified educator as well as a historical re-enactor, weaving both education principles and real history into a fabulously engaging game which kids just love.

So tie on a bandanna and grab your imaginary sword, it’s time to set sail on the high seas of your imaginations. Will you sneak past the Governors or dispatch zombies with pirate spinjitsu? The choice be yours me hearties. An interactive Impro, choose-your-own-adventure for ages 4-12

Join Captain Boots at 10.30am for Interactive Pirate Adventures and later at 2pm for Pirate Stories *located at map icon #4 (Pirate Adventures & Sailor Yarns) in the LiveLighter Omeo Hub

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