Amalgam-ant is a contemporary dance work exploring amalgamation and metamorphosis. Initially, the dancers showcase uniformity and teamwork, much like ant colonies. However, a ripple effect occurs, where each dancer explores their individuality and freedom instead of conformity. The piece celebrates the connections people have with one another and their home while also delving into the beauty and joy that arises when individuals embrace their unique contributions to a harmonious whole.

Made possible by a collaborative partnership between the City of Cockburn and Propel Youth Arts WA through a dedicated funding opportunity designed to support and promote young artists and enrich the community’s culture.

12.15pm to 12.45pm – Omeo Stage (Omeo Hub)*
1.45pm – 2pm – Community Stage (Community Hub)

12pm to 12.15pm – Omeo Stage (Omeo Hub)
1pm – 1.30pm – Community Stage (Community Hub)*

* involves a performance followed by a workshop


The Sunday 1pm – 1.30pm show and workshop in the Community Hub is part of the DADAA Audio Described Show & Tour. Bookings essential as places are limited. To book email: jacqueline@dadaa.org.au

About Dior

Dior is an emerging independent artist based in Boorloo/Perth. A graduate of WAAPA and LINK Dance in 2021, she is currently pursuing her Master of Teaching, specialising in dance. In 2024, Dior created a solo piece titled “Mary” as part of the Pilot season supported by Enneagon. In 2023 she was commissioned to create a contemporary piece titled “Amalgamation” for John Curtains College for the Gifted and Talented year 11 students. The year 2022 saw Dior participating in two Hidden Movement Programs under the guidance of Bernadette Lewis.

Her solo work in the first program inspired the creation of a collaborative piece involving three dancers, Reflect//Refract. Dior’s performance repertoire boasts notable highlights, including Bernadette Lewis’ “Bloody Hawaii,” Stephanie Lake’s “Colossus” featured in Perth Festival, Didier Theron’s “Shanghai Bolero,” Kim McCarthy’s “Shade,” and Strut Dance’s “Situ 8: Hotel” in 2021.

Looking ahead to 2024, Dior is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to work under Brooke Leeder as an assistant choreographer for her piece “System to Secrecy.” Dior is not only known for her creativity and passion in creating captivating performances but also for her commitment to fostering a nurturing environment, making her equally adept at creating an inspiring space for teaching kids.

Connect with Dior

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