Barefoot Flamenco Class

Barefoot Flamenco Class

Barefoot Flamenco is a flowing class which is set to beautiful music and combines a gentle introduction to flamenco arm and upper body technique, stretching, body isolations, short, easy to learn combinations, hand clapping, body percussion and much more. The class helps you develop strength and co-ordination while enjoying and learning about many aspects of flamenco.

It will suit people of all levels and ages who are looking for a new, well rounded form of exercise that is good for mind body and spirit. Participants have the option to wear non-slip socks or flat closed in shoes if they prefer.

About Casa del Compás

Farida Rabih is the director of Casa Del Compás, Perth’s largest Spanish dance school, and the director and principal dancer of performance company Flamenco Puro. Farida began her training in Perth, before travelling to Spain for intense study periods. Since then she has returned to Spain regularly, organised study trips, and brought internationally renowned artists to Perth to conduct workshops and performances.

Farida is dedicated to sharing her love of Spanish dance and has developed “Barefoot Flamenco” – a new exercise programme, which she hopes will give the wider community a chance to experience the unique art form in a different way.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Casa del Compás for being a Collaborator with the festival, making this show possible.

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