Falun Dafa Traditional Waist Drum & Dragon Team

Falun Dafa Traditional Waist Drum & Dragon Team

Experience the vibrant Falun Dafa Waist Drum Performance & Dragon Parade at Coogee Live 2024.

Make yourself comfortable at the Community Stage to delight in the traditional waist drum performance and the golden dragon.

Wearing dazzling costumes reminiscent of ancient China, the Falun Dafa Waist Drum team beautifully combine their drumming skills and vibrant dance moves to three songs based on traditional culture.

Then watch out!!!… as the Golden Dragon appears and joins the drummers to weave its way through the crowd at the Community Hub! The Falun Dafa Waist Drum & Dragon team are very happy to share the celebration, beauty and richness of traditional Chinese culture.




Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) is a spiritual practice and an advanced form of qigong – an ancient practice of cultivation the mind and body.

With the combination of easy-to-learn exercises and the values of truth, compassion and tolerance, practitioners of Falun Gong often find it life-changing and many participants experience dramatic health benefits, newfound energy, mental clarity, and modern-day stress relief!

Falun Gong is practiced in over 100 countries around the world and is suitable for all ages and is always taught free of charge by volunteers!

We love to share the beauty and positive energy that Falun Dafa brings us with everybody, and also give people the opportunity to help improve their health and wellbeing through this peaceful meditation practice.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Collaborator Falun Dafa whose support has made this activation possible.

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