Fire and Beats Parade

Fire and Beats Parade

Taiko On will shake the space with the deep vibrations of the didgeridoo and Taiko drums, in a mesmerising heart-racing performance of superb synchronisation, physical power and grace. This show is a prelude to the City of Cockburn Community Lantern Parade.

About Taiko On

Taiko On! …the name is not only a team cheer to beat the drum with all one’s spirit and energy, the Japanese characters also represent the meaning “Sound of the Drum”.

The members of this energetic troupe have come together to study the festival music of Japan, and train with dedication to perform at their highest level to display their love of Taiko through dynamic synchronised actions, stylised movements, and powerful rhythms.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank our Presenting Partner City of Cockburn, whose contribution has made this show possible.

Connect with Taiko On

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