Fish filleting with Peter from the fishing school

Fish filleting with Peter from the fishing school

This session is designed for those who want to learn the proper techniques for handling and preparing fish for consumption. The session will cover how to despatch a fish humanely, as well as methods for keeping a fish in pristine condition for several weeks without freezing. Participants will also learn how to clean and gut a fish, fillet it, and remove the skin, all while maximizing the use of the entire fish and minimizing waste. The session is led by experts who are committed to teaching sustainable and responsible fish handling practices.

Walk-ups on the day only – no registration required. 

About The Fishing School

The Fishing School is a WA fishing staple with over 20 years in the game. Offering school holiday classes for children 6+, adult fishing lessons, school demonstrations in Home Economics Outdoor Education and more.

Learn about fish identification, environmental issues, resource sharing, conservation, knot tying, rig-building, casting, cooking/filleting and fishing.

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