Intro to Egyptian Astrology

Intro to Egyptian Astrology

Before the Greeks and Romans came along with their fancy, newfangled ideas, the Egyptians had a deep understanding of the heavens and the rhythms of the seasons. Come along and explore the different archetypes used in the ancient Egyptian zodiac, discover your own Ancient Egyptian Star sign, ruling god or goddess and the structure of the year according to the ancients.

Learn a dance move the corresponds with your ruling deity and create a small talisman to take home.

About Princess Fee

Princess Fee is a wildly eclectic bellydancer from Perth WA and is excited about all things Egyptian. From a wide-eyed four-year-old who almost desecrated a sarcophagus in the Perth Museum, she’s always had a fascination with Ancient Egypt, their customs, beliefs, pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and dances.

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Coogee Live would like to thank our Supporting Partner Alcoa, whose contribution has made this show possible.

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