Koliada by Trio-Stars – Colours Of Coogee Showcase

Koliada by Trio-Stars – Colours Of Coogee Showcase

Part of the Colours of Coogee showcase.

Presenting song “Kolyada” which is an Old Russian Traditional Christmas Carols, Koliada is the traditional Slavic name for the period from Christmas to Slavic Christmas-related rituals, some dating to pre-Christian times. It represents ‘a winter festival celebrated at the end of December in honour of the sun’.


About Trio Stars

TrioStars is a group of 3 best friends who love to sing and perform on stage together. This group was officially named about one year ago. During this year they successfully performed on Community stages, Multicultural events, Russian Cultural events and Local schools events. These kids started to perform on Community stages over 3 years ago, trying different styles of music, performing in Russian, English and Spanish languages. Award winners in multicultural and Pop-music festivals and vocal competitions. Supporting Russian community in Australia.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank our Presenting Partner City of Cockburn, whose contribution has made this show possible.

Connect with Trio Stars

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