Merv’s Crazy Crab Shack with Rare Shell Studio

Merv’s Crazy Crab Shack with Rare Shell Studio

Come and meet Merv and see all his Crazy Crabs and the rare and beautiful sea shells he has collected from all over the world – and don’t forget his Stick Insects too! He won’t be shell-fish and will be there to chat all day about anything crabby and shelly.

Come see his special section dedicated painting crab shells where you can put your art skills to the test! Best shells will win prizes.

About Crazy Crabs

Merv Cooper is a professional diver and collector of rare shells that knows a thing or two about the deep blue sea, especially hermit crabs. He’s a modern-day pirate whose moustache knows no bounds… You may think his favourite letter is ARRHHH but its actually Sea!

Merv’s Crazy Crabs™ are the original and the best, established in Perth in 1979 and has become a household name for these loveable and adorable pets. All crabs are collected in North Western Australia.

Check out the funky range of hand painted shells, crabariums, accessories and food which we make on site at the “Crab Shack” located at 12 Ambrose Street, Rockingham.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Crazy Crabs for being a Collaborator with the festival, making this activation possible.

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