Parkour – The Wilding Project

Parkour – The Wilding Project

Olympic Fun & Fitness and The Wilding Project will be showcasing their parkour crews’ talent and tricks across 2 different performances, from skilled beginners to senior athletes. Their 2021 demo was an extremely popular highlight and we are pumped to see what they have for us in 2022!

About Olympic Fun & Fitness

Olympic Fun & Fitness and The Wilding Project are innovators in exercise, fitness and whole body movement for all ages. The club has helped over 10,000 young Australians on their journey of physical literacy.

There are two main programs at the club. ‘Olympic’ has been teaching gymnastics since 1978, adding ‘The Wilding Project’ (Parkour) into it’s programs from 2016.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Olympic Fun and Fitness for being a Collaborator with the festival, making this show possible.

Connect with Olympic Fun & Fitness

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