Plant Parenting with Anna Macoboy

Plant Parenting with Anna Macoboy

Are you a houseplant newbie in need of some help? Or maybe you’re a seasoned plant carer wanting to expand your indoor gardening skills.

Join plant expert Anna Macoboy for this seminar-style session on plant-care basics, and leave feeling confident to keep your own collection thriving!

You’ll learn about light, water and positioning, plus when and how to feed your plants, and common pests to look out for. Anna will provide some specific details relating to popular varieties like the fiddle leaf fig, monstera, calathea, cactus and ferns to turn your home into a green oasis!

Walk-ups on the day only – no registration required. 

About Stackwood & Anna Macoboy

Stackwood is a creative venue and concept store housed in a former diesel workshop in Fremantle. We work to bring back lost skills that human hands and bodies yearn to remember and practice. Our concept store features handmade vessels, tools and homewares, as well as a jungle of indoor plants, and our studio spaces are always bustling from the creative productivity of our resident makers.

Anna Macoboy is an indoor plant specialist, florist and educator. She has worked in the indoor plant world for almost a decade and has a background in small business. Anna is dedicated to spreading plant knowledge and understanding and has taught plant education, design and craft workshops at dozens of locations in Australia and the USA, including the New York Botanical Garden, Chelsea Garden Center and the Japan Society of New York.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Stackwood & Anna Macoboy for being a Collaborator with the festival, making this show possible.

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