Seed to Supper with Casey Joy

Seed to Supper with Casey Joy

Growing your own food is easier than you might think and more delicious than you can imagine!

This workshop will teach you the fundamental ingredients needed to grow a thriving, productive and organic veggie patch. You’ll learn how to create healthy, fertile soil, attract beneficial insects (and combat pesky garden critters), select veggies that are in-season and which edible plants perform best in Perth’s hot climate.

Then Casey will share a cooking demo for one of her favourite recipes from her new cookbook, Seasoned, which celebrates the last wave of warm weather produce from her garden (with tastes for the audience).

Registration is essential to secure your spot in this demo. All registrations are FREE. Hit the Booking Link below to secure your spot. 

About Gardening with Casey Joy

Casey Joy Lister is a writer, gardener and cookbook author who lives near the beach in a little house with a big, sprawling backyard. Casey has a PhD in Psychology and is passionate about the mental health benefits gained by spending time in nature and learning to grow your own food. She believes gardening should be fun, unpretentious and stress-free, and that gardens should be wild and full of insects, birds and life.

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