Take it Teasy Wellness Space

Take it Teasy Wellness Space

Take a moment for yourself in the Take It TEAsy Wellness Space with a sublime organic and ethically sourced cuppa thanks to My Tea Girl. Grab a book from the library, or just sit into the couch, this space has your wellness at it heart.

About Active Wellness Spa & My Tea Girl

MY TEA GIRL is a local Cockburn business that is all about self-fare and feeling good. They have created a range of wellness teas that helps support you in feeling your best. A blend for sleep, relaxation, focus, inflammation and more, their premium tea blends are organic, sustainable and ethically sourced so you have only the very best in your tea cup. No average tea, this is Tea With Benefits and you can definitely taste and feel the difference.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Active Wellness Spa and My Tea Girl for being Collaborators with the festival, making this space possible.

Connect with Active Wellness Spa & My Tea Girl

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