Tea Leaf Reading Workshop with Rebecca Millman

Tea Leaf Reading Workshop with Rebecca Millman

Imagine enjoying a nice hot cup of tea and then being able to read what is coming into your (or your friends) lives… Perhaps you have thought about learning how to read tea leaves before but you not sure where to start?

The good news is that Tea leaf reading is something everyone can do! Also known as “tasseography”, reading tea leaves can be traced all the way back to medieval times where the Europeans’ found it to be an easy way to see what was to coming for the family and themself.

Join medium Rebecca Millman as she guides you through learning to read tea leaves in this interactive workshop. It’s a great place to start your psychic development, not to mention it is fun, relaxing and delicious too!

Registration is essential to secure your spot in this workshop. All registrations are FREE. Hit the Booking Link below to secure your spot. 

About Rebecca Millman

Rebecca Millman knows firsthand how spirit can help heal a person’s soul and works to pass on messages of love and hope to help heal in the physical world.

Rebecca runs monthly Ghost Tours at the old Quarantine Station in WA and travels Australia reuniting people just like you with their loved ones and friends who now call the spirit world home.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank Supporting Partner Alcoa for making this space possible.

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