The Great Mermaid Migration

The Great Mermaid Migration

A true spectacle of absolute wonder and pure enchantment, be sure to get straight down to Jetty on Saturday morning to bear witness to this once in a lifetime gathering of magical merpeople! Popping up at Coogee Beach to say hello, this breathtaking spectacle is one the biggest gatherings of mermaids and mermen in the world and will fill your little ones with absolute wonder.

At 10am we will be inviting you all to come down Coogee Beach (we will hold the entrance prior to that to allow the merpeople time to gather) where you can see all the merpeople in their shimmering glory down the beach, blowing bubble, waving their tails and hands for you. This will be a magical experience and incredible photo opportunity for your young ones, but remember, just like wild animals, we don’t touch these mystical people.

To preserve the magic for the little ones, at 10.30am we will kindly ask everyone to move a little further down the beach for meet & greet opportunity with some of our mermaids (while the migration leave the beach).

We strongly encourage everyone to dress in their own mermaid costumes for this moment if you have one.

If you want to join in this spectacular event as a merperson, please register your interest with Fliptease HERE


About Fliptease

Established in 2006, Fliptease began as two artists wanting to change the way in which circus was presented to local audiences. Fast forward fifteen years later, Fliptease has since become the leading Circus and Spectacle provider in Western Australia. With a large client base of primarily corporate, commercial and local government sectors, Fliptease’s repertoire includes large spectacle entertainment, inclusive workshops, aerial performance, circus and children’s entertainment.

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank our Business Partner Fliptease, whose support has made this activation possible.

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