Welcome to Country with Rev Mitchell Garlett

Welcome to Country with Rev Mitchell Garlett

The “Welcome to Country” ceremony holds significant importance in Australia and among Indigenous cultures worldwide. This traditional practice serves as a respectful acknowledgment of the land’s original custodians, recognizing their enduring connection to the territory.

As Rev Mitchell Garlett shares, “It’s important to do Welcomes for people who do not know Noongar ways or have an understanding. It gives them the opportunity to listen with respect and to be a part of allowing our ways to be your ways, in treating our land with respect and listening to our language.”

Coogee Live and the City of Cockburn support a commitment to reconciliation, showcasing the significance of honouring and preserving Indigenous heritage.

About Rev Mitchell Garlett

Mitchell Garlett is a Whadjuk Ballardong man of the Nyungar Nation. He is a father of five, married to wife Janice and has one grandson. He is a reverend and is responsible for looking after the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress (UAICC) congregation in Coolbellup. Mitchell participates in community events and does Welcome to Country ceremonies and smoking ceremonies in his language.

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