Yarning Session with Olman Walley

Yarning Session with Olman Walley

Olman Walley will share a dreaming story and then facilitate a yarning circle where circle members can discuss the moral of the story and their feelings about it. Olman will bring along some artefacts and talk about them as he facilitates the circle, giving people the opportunity to voice their thoughts and ask questions. He will close the yarning circles with a short didgeridoo performance or song.

The Yarn circle will run for 60 minutes and is designed for open groups.

Registrations coming soon.

About Olman Walley

The idea – bring the lived experience & wisdom of Aboriginal ways of living / culture to the festival through an experiential process, guided by an Elder.

What is a Yarning Circle?

A yarning circle is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart. The use of a ‘talking piece’ help to make it clear who is talking and who are listening. The person who holds the ‘talking piece’ speaks spontaneously from his/her own experience, is concise and to the point while the others listen with an open heart, without judgement or preconceived ideas.”

Patrons will be able to register to participate for free in the Yarn Circle through an Event brite link like other workshops.


  • encourage deep and honest communication
  • learn and practice the art of listening and talking from the heart
  • trigger the group to express themselves
  • explore factors contributing to conflicts
  • share personal stories

Thank you

Coogee Live would like to thank our Supporting Partner Alcoa, whose contribution has made this possible.

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